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Molecular Imaging & Clinical Trials Consultants

In the BioMolecular Imaging blog you can find information about our company and the specialty consulting services we offer.

As the founder, and now President, Dr. J. James Frost is a Retired Professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Radiology and an early pioneer in molecular imaging he believes that the strength of research lies in the breadth and depth of the experimental and statistical approaches utilized in understanding the mechanisms that drive the systems you are studying.

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Diagnostic Imaging Consulting

Diagnostic imaging is a core competency of BioMolecular Imaging - and is the approach of imaging the human body to analyze and form...

Imaging in Therapeutic Trials

Imaging in therapeutic trials is the key process in expanding the understanding, methodology and metrics which are required to make...


A very active area of current investigation and commercialization is molecular and functional biomarker development. These biomarkers can...

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