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‘Disruptive’ Science has Declined — but why?

The number of science and technology research papers published continues to increase each year, but the overall ‘disruptiveness’ of those papers has waned. The authors used the disruptiveness criterion of fewer citations of the articles’ references and more citations of the primary article itself. The possible reasons are several and are discussed in the report. For example, the growing number of large research groups may generate less disruptive, that is, more incremental science.

Yet in biomedical science, theranostics is actively and beneficially disrupting cancer treatment and its established paradigms. While not rivaling the discovery and direct observation of gravitational waves referenced in the article, cancer diagnosis and treatment by theranostics has rapidly achieved real-world relevance and positive disruptiveness for patients. This momentum will continue: the global theranostics market is predicted to grow rapidly from $73B in 2020 to $120B in 2025. This time of cancer treatment disruption is a stimulating time for nuclear medicine scientists and a beneficial time for our patients.

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Michelle Klingser
Michelle Klingser
Mar 07, 2023

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