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Dr. J. James Frost received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Washington University; his Ph.D. degree is in nuclear and radiochemistry. He is a board-certified radiologist and nuclear medicine physician.  He also obtained an M.B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Frost was an early pioneer in molecular imaging and led multiple projects at the John Hopkins Medicine Department of Radiology. These projects included outreach to pharma and biotech companies for collaboration on probe development and extension to clinical applications. Dr. Frost continues to play an active role in the biomedical imaging community from scholarly research to commercial applications in drug and diagnostic development, approval, and clinical implementation.    Currently, Dr. Frost is President of BioMolecular Imaging and a Retired Professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Radiology.

  • Cancer investigator

  • Molecular imaging Specialist

  • Clinical trials reader

  • Clinical radiology and nuclear medicine

  • Consulting for pharma, CROs, diagnostics, and biotech


Years of Experience


Dr. Frost completed his MD and PhD post graduate education at Washington University in St. Louis. His PhD is in nuclear and radiochemistry. This laid a strong foundation for his later work in medicine, molecular imaging and most recently, the physics of cancer and other living systems ( Dr. Frost then went onto further training in Diagnostic Radiology and in Nuclear Medicine at Johns Hopkins University Schoold of Medicine and is board certified in both.


Dr. Frost was a Professor of Radiology and of Neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. There, he was a founding faculty member of the group that first imaged brain receptors by PET and he led the the group that first imaged the brain opiate receptor. He pioneered new molecular imaging technologies, tracers, and analysis methodology; trained many outstanding individuals who are now in leadership positions; and worked in many pharmaceutical industry-academic research relationships .


In an effort to foster stronger relationships with drug development and diagnostic companies, Dr. Frost founded BioMolecular Imaging (BMI) as one of the early and leading molecular imaging advisory groups. He has advised large pharma and biotech in the key aspects and nuances of commercial molecular imaging (add link to the areas and questions tabs of BMI)

We reached out to BioMolecular Imaging and Dr. Frost in the process of taking a new imaging agent from preclinical to clinical imaging. Dr. Frost identified several academic imaging institutions for the work and he did the initial vetting from the standpoint of capabilities and timing.


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