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BioMolecular Imaging | Post-Project Consulting

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Market opportunities and company valuation for companion diagnostics-therapeutics is an increasingly important area of needed experience which BioMolecular Imaging can provide.

This extends from the clinical rationale and utility of using diagnostics together with new or established therapeutics to the financial cost and benefits.

As a radiologist, Dr. J. James Frost is familiar with the main determinants of clinical utility and benefit and knows many clinical specialists, whom he can contact for their value opinion.

Routine clinical implementation of new diagnostic imaging agents requires an integrated strategy and thinking between the radiologist and the clinical specialist. This, in turn, requires a concrete understanding of the indications and criteria for ordering the test, clear reporting, and availability for follow-up consulting, when needed.

As a clinical radiologist and nuclear medicine physician, Dr. J. James Frost has been on the front lines of this process as new imaging methods have been progressively added to the armamentarium. In each case, there are growing pains that require care and diligence in management.

BioMolecular Imaging has provided chairs who’ve served on many pharmaceutical advisory boards. These boards steer the initial rollout of a new drug or diagnostic from communication to all the stakeholders, marketing, production and to financial monitoring.

About BioMolecular Imaging

BioMolecular Imaging (BMI Consultants) is a molecular imaging and clinical trial consultancy owned and operated by Dr. J. James Frost M.D./Ph.D out of Baltimore Maryland. BMI has been involved with clinical, therapeutic & diagnostic imaging focused on Oncology, Brain, Biomarkers, Cardiology and Central Image Interpretations for over 20 year

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