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BioMolecular Imaging | Ways we Can Help

Updated: Apr 28

BioMolecular Imaging can serve as your company’s imaging expert for internal projects or as your company’s advisor as you engage and work with other imaging service providers, including traditional CRO’s, imaging CRO’s, radiopharmacies and academic institutions.

The company’s experience builds off of the relationships and formal training of our founder, Dr. J. James Frost.

As such, we represent the interests of your company in any negotiation, planning process, or project execution:

  1. Molecular imaging strategic planning for industry and academic entities, including for academic-industry collaborative research.

  2. Strategic planning and project development for molecular imaging in biotechnology biopharmaceutical R&D, including managing the preclinical to clinical translational pathway.

  3. Project management from data acquisition, data analysis, site planning and review to final reports and publications.

  4. Image reads for clinical trials.

  5. Identification of worldwide private sector and university partners for collaborative molecular imaging programs.

  6. Recruitment of sub specialists in chemistry, physics, data analysis, and medical disciplines for specific projects or for employment.

  7. Financial planning and financial plan preparation for new sites and for expansion of existing molecular and clinical imaging programs.

  8. Imaging center site design and equipment selection, for research, clinical or combined programs.

  9. Protocol development, including project goals, methods, data analysis, radiation dosimetry, IND’s, imaging charters, and human subject and ethical matters.

  10. Preparation of public and private funding applications.

  11. Development of training and educational programs in molecular imaging.

About BioMolecular Imaging

BioMolecular Imaging (BMI Consultants) is a molecular imaging and clinical trial consultancy owned and operated by Dr. J. James Frost M.D./Ph.D out of Baltimore Maryland. BMI has been involved with clinical, therapeutic & diagnostic imaging focused on Oncology, Brain, Biomarkers, Cardiology and Central Image Interpretations for over 20 years.

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BioMolecular Imaging is a registered trademark of BioMolecular Imaging D.B.A. BMI Consultants

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