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BioMolecular Imaging | Past Projects

Updated: May 10

BioMolecular Imaging has been consulting with individuals, companies, hospitals and universities for over 20 years. Our experience with business development regarding biomarkers, inflammation, diagnostics, brain, cardiology, oncology, and central image interpretations builds off of the relationships and formal training of our founder, Dr. J. James Frost.

The following are examples of ongoing and completed projects:

  1. Served as the internal clinical imaging expert for a large public biotech company in a FIH clinical trial for a novel cancer imaging radiolabeled peptide.

  2. Chaired an advisory board meeting for a large US corporation for post approval rollout and a new CNS probe-specific imaging workstation.

  3. Evaluated U.S. imaging CRO’s for a large international CRO during a multi-month project to select an imaging CRO partner.

  4. Developed an imaging strategy, created imaging protocols, and identified preclinical/clinical imaging sites for an antibody cancer therapeutic program of a public biotech corporation.

  5. Developed and evaluated post approval strategies and phase IV imaging opportunities for a large pharma CNS diagnostic imaging agent.

  6. Provided due diligence guidance to a venture capital company in consideration of funding a preclinical CRO start-up. Identified and interfaced with additional VC’s for syndication funding.

  7. Advised a large pharma company in the development of an imaging strategy and protocol to examine CNS side effects of a new drug candidate.

  8. Developed a business plan and scientific strategy for a diagnostic cancer imaging start-up company.

  9. Provided guidance for a CNS biotech company on the development of surrogate imaging technologies.

  10. Developed an imaging strategy and experimental design for a novel organ imaging need of a small cap pharmaceutical company.

  11. Served as board member and scientific advisor for a radiation therapy planning biotech company.

  12. Served as an expert reader for CNS and for whole body PET, CT, MR and SPECT images.

*Additional detail on these and other projects can be provided on request.

About BioMolecular Imaging

BioMolecular Imaging (BMI Consultants) is a molecular imaging and clinical trial consultancy owned and operated by Dr. J. James Frost M.D./Ph.D out of Baltimore Maryland. BMI has been involved with clinical, therapeutic & diagnostic imaging focused on Oncology, Brain, Biomarkers, Cardiology and Central Image Interpretations for over 20 years.

To learn more about BioMolecular Imaging, please visit or connect with:

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BioMolecular Imaging is a registered trademark of BioMolecular Imaging D.B.A. BMI Consultants

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