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Inflammation Imaging Consulting

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Imaging tissue inflammation normally employs CT and MRI technology and provides information regarding changes in the tissue. Molecular imaging is now adding to this imaging armamentarium by targeting specific inflammatory markers. Inflammatory processes continue to be recognized as key mechanisms in the pathogenesis of many diseases, including cardiovascular, obesity, arthritis, CNS and diabetes.

BioMolecular Imaging has experience serving on project committees for the development of inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis imaging in drug development.

Most specifically, working with DiaKine Therapeutics, we served in a key role during the development of IL-12 and STAT-4 inhibiting drugs for protection of islet cells.

Our knowledge of inflammatory pathways can be leveraged to assist your company in the development of new inflammation imaging agents or in the selection of currently available agents, including those for the TSPO receptor.

For more information please read a peer-reviewed publication from the Founder of BioMolecular Imaging, Dr. J. James Frost: "Brain Amyloid and Inflammation Imaging: A Convergence of Concepts"

About BioMolecular Imaging

BioMolecular Imaging (BMI Consultants) is a molecular imaging and clinical trial consultancy owned and operated by Dr. J. James Frost M.D./Ph.D out of Baltimore Maryland. BMI has been involved with clinical, therapeutic & diagnostic imaging focused on Oncology, Brain, Biomarkers, Cardiology and Central Image Interpretations for over 20 years.

To learn more about BioMolecular Imaging, please visit or connect with:

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